11-year-old girl loses several fingers from firework in River Rouge

An 11-year-old girl lost several fingers after a firework blew up in her hand on Superior Street in River Rouge on Thursday.

Around 5 p.m., the girl and her sister found a firework in their home and lit it up, thinking it was "something smaller" said River Rouge Deputy Police Chief Dasumo Mitchell. It blew up in the 11-year-old's hand, causing her to lose fingers and her sister to suffer minor injuries from debris.

Police responded to the scene on reports of a house explosion.

The firework was three to four inches in length, according to police. The girls lit the explosive in the bathroom.

"From the structural damage inside the home, it’s believed to be maybe something larger than an M-80 that went off inside the home," Mitchell said.

An M-80 is a type of large firecracker.

The incident took place on Superior Street in River Rouge.

The 11-year-old ran to their neighbor for help, who wrapped a tourniquet around her hand before first responders showed up, police said.

Mitchell said an adult woman was in the home, asleep, at the time of the explosion. The girls' mother was away at work.

The girls were both taken to a hospital; they are expected to recover.

The incident is still under investigation. According to police, legal consequences could follow.

With the Fourth of July around the corner, the deputy chief stresses the importance of keeping yourself and others safe around fireworks.

"Don’t bring explosives in the house, and educate the kids… and have supervision when using fireworks," Mitchell said. 

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