12 Braggots of Krampus -- Supernatural Brewing releasing new honey-based beers daily

Try new honey-based beers made by Livonia's Supernatural Brewing and Spirits from now through Dec. 23.

The craft brewery's 12 Braggots of Krampus started Monday.

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According to Supernatural, braggot is a honey wine made with grain, so it is a cross between a wine and beer. The Ragnaröks are still braggots with no carbonation, while the other releases are carbonated.

Check out the daily releases:

  1. Dec. 12: Krampus -- Sour braggot with honey, cranberries, spices, and orange zest - 7.5%abv
  2. Dec. 13: Loki juice -- Sour braggot with honey and cherries - 75%abv
  3. Dec. 14: Supernatural Xmas Ale -- Barley wine brewed with honey, chocolate, vanilla & spices - 11%abv
  4. Dec. 15: Ragnarök -- Citrus pistachio still braggot brewed with honey, pistachios, vanilla, and citrus zest - 12%abv
  5. Dec. 16: Ragnarök - Banana Foster -- Still braggot brewed with honey, caramel, banana, vanilla, and pecans - 12%abv
  6. Dec. 17: Ragnarök - snowballer still braggot with honey, coconut, marshmallow, and vanilla - 12%abv
  7. Dec. 18: Ragnarök - Peach Cobbler -- Still braggot brewed with honey, peaches, vanilla, lactose, and graham cracker - 12%abv
  8. Dec. 19: Ragnarök - Star child still showcase braggot brewed with Michigan star thistle honey - 12%abv
  9. Dec. 20: Ragnarök - Snozzberry -- Still braggot brewed with a blend of five different fruits and a secret spice - 12%abv
  10. Dec. 21: Ragnarök - Tropical Spice -- Still braggot brewed with honey, pineapple, mango, and jalapeno - 12%abv
  11. Dec. 22: Put It In Reverse Terry -- Dark braggot brewed with honey, chocolate, and orange zest - 10%abv
  12. Dec. 23: Ragnarök - Deez -- Still braggot brewed with honey & roasted peanuts - 12%abv