12-year-old spends snow days helping neighbors by shoveling

For some residents, 12-year-old Trevis Brown is someone many could look up to. This young man has decided to help out neighbors while also making some extra cash by shoveling snow. 

"I saw last night on the news that it was negative thirteen degrees and I was like wow," said Brown. 

But one should remember, these young bones aren't phased. As he helps out much older people who wouldn't be able to take the cold, they in return have his back. 

"Last night I was doing a lady's house, she gave me twenty-dollars and she told me to come back today because it was so cold out there." 

Up and down eat walkway, Brown spends an average of 20-seconds on each doorstep knocking. He makes sure he's always bundled up. 

"I usually have on two jackets, a coat and I wrap my scarf around my face." He said. 

He feels the shoveling is a way for him to take advantage of his snow days. 

"We have not had school not one day this week, so since then, I've been shoveling," said Brown.