13-year-old boy testifies about morning he found his mother murdered

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A murdered mother's body was found by her 13-year-old son in May in their Detroit home on Maryland Street.

Serena Carson's alleged killers Leroy Hoskins and Joshua Polk were arrested in early June. On Monday they were in court for a preliminary hearing. Testimony by investigators revealed that Polk and Carson, 32, were having an intimate relationship and that Carson had recently cashed a $2,500 check from her mother.

The victim's son who discovered her body testified that at first he didn't realize she was dead.

"I had woke up at six, then went in there and laid down next to her," he said in court. "I didn't know that she was dead. I just went to sleep and I woke up at nine."

A friend of Carson's also took the stand Monday and said that after the boy woke up he told him he was hungry.

"I told him to go ask his mom for some money so I would take him to go get something to eat," the friend said. "And when he went in there he yelled and said something was wrong.

"I tried to hit her a couple times to see if she would get up, she had no reaction,"

A detective said that originally Hoskins said that he and Polk did not plan on robbing or killing Carson. But then Hoskins told authorities another story.

"Mr. Hoskins stated the original plan was to rob Ms. Carson of her money with Mr. Polk," the detective testified. "When he heard a gunshot, he stated that he looked into the bedroom where Mr. Polk and Serena Carson had been sleeping.

"He observed Mr. Polk with a .357 caliber revolver. He also observed Ms. Carson covered in blood which he believed she was dead at that time."

Both Hoskins and Polk are scheduled to be in court again next week.