15-year-old recovering after shooting in Detroit

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A 15-year old Detroit girl is recovering after bullets hit the car she was riding in Monday evening on Thatcher.

Her family says her 17-year-old cousin was driving, but fortunately she was not hurt and was able to drive to where the 15-year-old lives and emergency crews were called for help

“I came home from playing golf and I saw a lot of police cars,” said Johnnie Christopher, a neighbor.

Police say the teen was hit in her lower back.

Her family did not want to appear on camera. They say the teen is still in the hospital but will be okay.

They also say their loved one was not a target.

Back at the shooting scene on Thatcher, those who witnessed the shooting also would not go on camera.  They say the teens were not targets but instead they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Investigators say they don't have anyone in custody at this time. Anyone who has information should contact police immediately

Johnnie Christopher says he's tired of the violence  

“They need martial law right here in America, all over the city,” said Christopher. “That’s what they need.”