17-year-old person of interest in Detroit murder has Virginia ties, is on run from US Marshals

The US Marshals are working tirelessly to bring closure to one family after their loved one was murdered.

Deputy Aaron Garcia from the US Marshals, says a man was gunned down back in November when a fight broke out in an apartment on Lahser and Dolson on Detroit's west side.

Tyrone Richburg, Jr. is a 17-year-old person of interest and is on the run.

"These are the (cases) where you are going to need that tip," said Aaron Garcia. "He doesn’t have resources, he doesn’t have money. We believe he may be squatting from house to house, just bouncing from house to house and abandoned houses, that's the information we have."

The marshals' manhunt has spanned more than 700 miles. Investigators believe at one point, Richburg took off to Virginia, where his girlfriend has ties.

"We had information he was in Virginia," Garcia said. "The marshals, we’re doing an investigation, a manhunt in Virginia looking for him. We came up negative for him. We recently came up with some information that he may be back in Detroit."

Richburg is 6 feet tall and 170 pounds.

"By him being on the run and fleeing the state of Michigan shortly after this, it’s not looking good for him," Garcia said. "We want him to call, just to come in."

Now the marshals are asking for your help to find him.

"You can call us up and we will provide a reward," Garcia said. "Or, you can remain anonymous, 1-800-SPEAK-UP, you can call Crime Stoppers as well."

Call the Detroit office of the US Marshals with any information at (313) 202-0135.

Tyrone Richburg, Jr. is a person of interest in a murder investigation.

Tyrone Richburg, Jr. is a person of interest in a murder investigation.