17-year-old Roseville high school senior dead after shooting, boyfriend in custody

The Roseville Community School District is mourning the loss of a student who was shot to death Wednesday, Sept. 30 at a home in Eastpointe

Police say Kira Seymour was found dead after being shot once in the chest Wednesday afternoon at a home in the 23000 block of Rein Avenue

"It's a really sad day. Anytime we lose one of our own students it's like losing one of our own kids. We invest so much time and effort to help them be successful," said Roseville superintendent Mark Blazkowski.

Seymour was a senior in high school and also a new mother to a daughter, Laylah, who is just a month old right now. 

Family says the 17-year-old was visiting an on-and-off-again boyfriend in Eastpointe on Wednesday when she was shot. Police arrested Seymour's 17-year-old boyfriend at the scene. 

Victim Kira Seymour in a photo kissing a baby.

Victim Kira Seymour

Now a crisis team, including psychologists and social workers, is helping people at Roseville High School come to terms with what happened. This, as the district navigates virtual learning due to the pandemic. 

"Everybody has been dealing with a lot of change, a lot of struggles because of the impact of the pandemic. And this is one more thing we are going to have to navigate by supporting each other we will get through it," Blazkowski said. 

And the superintendent has a message for Seymour's family as their grief sets in. 

"If they need any help, we're at the ready. Don't hesitate to contact us for any reason. We feel we are an extension of their family so we're willing to help them in whatever they need."

Seymour's boyfriend is expected to be formally charged Friday. 

A GoFundMe was set up to help pay for her funeral expenses.