18-year-old murdered over pair of sunglasses on Detroit's east side

“I can get another pair of glasses. I can’t get his life back.”

18-year-old Lateo Garrett, murdered over a pair of designer sunglasses Saturday night.

“You took a child away you took somebody’s kid for something that you didn’t even get was it worth it,” Lateo’s mom said, deciding to remain anonymous.

Lateo and his brother came up to the Valero gas station at 7 Mile and Outer Drive around 11:30 Saturday night. They were inside getting something to drink when police say a man approached grabbing for the teen's Cartier sunglasses.

His mom, who wants to be anonymous, describes what she saw on surveillance video.  

“He just reached for him, Lateo ducked back and he just shot and ran out he didn’t even get the glasses,” she said.

The shooter jumped in a car and drove off with three other guys in a red Chevy Cobalt, leaving Lateo bleeding in his brother’s hands.

They called 911 and then their mom. 

“Lateo was like 'I’m losing it bro,' and my son was like 'I’m here, I’m with you bro I’m just hot.'" she said. "I’m on the phone talking to them the whole time.”

At first it looked like Lateo was stable, but he didn’t make it through the night - later dying at the hospital. 

“I see it on the news I see it on social media, I feel bad for those families but never in a million years do you think you get that call, never,” she said. 

His mother is planning a funeral for her son, who was planning on college next year. 

“Very humble, he would go to work every day.” she said. "Just a nice kid."

Lateo’s mom says the surveillance video from the Valero gas station is very clear and shows the shooter, however Detroit Police have not released any suspect information yet.

Again investigators are looking for they are looking for a Red Chevy Cobalt in connection to this shooting.