19-year-old shot and killed walking out of party store in Inkster

A 19-year-old was murdered as he walked out of the 25 Hour Party Store in Inkster. Now, investigators are trying to give a grieving family answers as to why Elijah Steward was shot and killed.

"A young man 19 years old, God knows what his future could have been - clearly our hearts go out to his family," said Assistant Chief Constance Slappey, Inkster police.

Police say last Saturday night around 11, Steward pulled into the parking lot of 25 Hour Party Store off Michigan Avenue at Beech Daly with a friend.

A few minutes in the store, when Steward walked out - witnesses say he exchanged words with someone in another car that pulled up, then - a gun was pulled out and fired at the teen.

"We just want the kids to stop the violence they have soe much to live for," Slappey said.

Michigan State Police detectives are trying to figure out why this happened. Right now, the motive is still under investigation.

"There is ways to resolve to confluct and gun is not the answer to that question," she said.

Whatever the reason that comes out - an urging from Assistant Chief Slappey to put the guns down.

"The end of the day life is priceless you can't put a price on human life," she said.

Investigators they need your help with this one - Michigan State Police is heading up the investigation. Call MSP with any information you may have at 734-287-5000.

The 25 Hour Party Store in Inkster. Inset: Shooting victim Elijah Steward.

The 25 Hour Party Store in Inkster. Inset: Shooting victim Elijah Steward.