2 claims of roofied drinks made by women at Plymouth Post Local Bistro

A woman is claiming her friend had roofies slipped into their drinks at the Post Local Bistro in Plymouth - which have the owners and police, on alert.

The woman who said she had something slipped in her drink, was too shaken up to do an interview with FOX 2. The incident in question happened the night of Friday, April 22.

The police chief says this is an active investigation and the bar owners say they’re taking this seriously.

"We think very highly of our guests and try our darnedest to provide a safe environment," said John Thomson, owner.

Thomson and Jennifer Dales are addressing claims women were drugged at their Plymouth bar.

"It’s awful for me to think there's somebody out there that would think this is not a safe place to come," said Dales, owner.

One of those claims is now the subject of a police investigation and outlined in detail in Kristen O’Donnell’s Facebook post:

"Last night my best friend and I went to the Post Local Bistro in downtown Plymouth for a night out. We were having fun and dancing with each other and my friend left her drink unattended for maybe a total of 2 minutes.

"When she grabbed her drink again she only took a sip or two before I accidentally knocked it out of her hand.

"About 20 minutes after her last sip of that drink she started to feel nauseous and vomit. The vomiting quickly turned into her slurring her words so bad I could barely understand her and her being completely unable to walk."

O’Donnell says their night out ended with a trip to the emergency room at Trinity Health St. Mary Mercy Livonia, where she says doctors confirmed someone put something in her friend’s drink.

"We’re really happy that the victim wasn’t attacked," Thomson said. "Obviously we’re not happy she was drugged, but things could’ve been worse."

Thomson and Dales say they’ve been in contact with Plymouth police as well as the woman and her family.

O’Donnell’s Facebook post was shared more than 2,000 times, prompting another woman, Ashley Noble, to say she too, was drugged at the Post and demand the bar do more to protect women and put up cameras.

"I did see some of that, ‘Why don’t you have cameras?’ I mean, this would be a very good reason to have cameras and we will definitely consider something like that," said Dales.

"The sad reality of it is no matter what you do, criminal behavior like this really hard to, No. 1 detect and No. 2, prevent," Thomson said.

Plymouth resident Jacquelyne McCall says the Post needs to better protect customers and women have to be on guard.

"No girl or woman deserves this to happen to them, and it's not that any woman or girl is vulnerable to the situation," she said. "People are sneaky about it.

"At some point, there is only so much that can be done. You need to be accountable for yourself. It's not saying that girls and women can't be accountable for their own actions - but no one else is going to protect you but yourself."

Plymouth police want to hear from you if this is something that has happened to you or if you have any information. Call the department at (734) 354-3232.