2 companies providing autonomous transportation at 2020 auto show

Two companies were named the winners to provide autonomous transportation at this spring's Detroit auto show.

FEV and Dataspeed won the Michigan Mobility Challenge in the North America International Auto Show 2020. 

"These two companies will provide automated shuttle service from Detroit Metro Airport to downtown Detroit for people to experience the Auto Show," said Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist. "This service is important because it provides accessibility to people who have physical challenges." 

Officials from FEV excited about this opportunity to introduce this technology to a diverse audience at this year's auto show 

"You will be in good hands - hands that will not be on the steering wheel," said Dr. Patrick Hupperich, FEV North America. 

The goal is to take the "hands off driving experience" out of the lab and into the streets so more people can get a taste of what this technology is all about.

"We want to educate them about this technology that goes into one of these vehicles," said Paul Fleck, Dataspeed. 

Gilchrist got to experience the autonomous technology at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and wants people attending the auto show to do the same. 

"I took a 15-minute ride on live streets to the airport and back at CES and it was a tremendous experience," said Gilchrist.

The mobility challenge competition is an opportunity for industry innovators to propose technology that showcases how automated and connected vehicle technology can transform everyday life. 

But state officials believe it is also about keeping Michigan and Detroit as the leader in the auto industry leader. 

"As we go forward we need new partnerships to make this new technology a reality and accessible for more people - and Michigan is the place to do it," Gilchrist said.