2 Detroit police officers suspended for Snapchat post

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Detroit police Chief James Craig said that the two officers alleged in a disparaging Snapchat post of a traffic stop, were suspended.

On  Jan. 28, Cpl. Gary Steele pulled over a young woman named Ariel Moore for an expired plate on Stout street near Joy road on the city’s west side.  After pulling her over, Steel asked the woman to get out because he was going to tow her vehicle.

Police say Moore was then forced to walk back to her home, which was a block away in extremely cold temperatures. Steele then posted the video of the woman walking with the caption “What black girl magic looks like” and “celebrating Black History Month." The other officer has not been named.

Detroit Police Officer under investigation after racist and sexist Snapchat post

More discipline could be in the offing, but the investigation into the incident is ongoing, Craig said. The officers were suspended with pay. A second Snapchat post is also being investigated involving Steele, Craig said.

"You can't say something positive about youtr community, don't say it all," Craig said about social media use by his department. 

Craig said that the stop was lawful, but that towing fees were paid for the woman and that an apology was made to her and her mother.