2 Hamtramck men indicted for laundering millions to China, Yemen

A U.S. Eastern District Court grand jury has indicted two Hamtramck men for a complex money laundering scheme which allegedly funneled $63 million dollars in U.S. currency into 25 business bank accounts.

The money was then allegedly wire transferred to foreign locations including the Republic of Yemen and China between the time period of 2013-15.

Fahd Hezam Samaha and Maged Alsabahi were indicted for creating multiple phony businesses and used "straw business owners" or "fronts" to send the country of Yemen millions of dollars from the Detroit metro area and several other states.

The USDA says they operated an unlicensed money transmitting business, they would charge a flat fee to customers that would allow them to send money all over the world for unknown purposes.