2 men attacked and carjacked in suspected setup

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Two men beaten, carjacked and robbed on Detroit's west side, but their female passengers were left untouched.

Police are investigating whether it a random act of violence or a calculated plot?

Were the two ladies seen on video in this coney island lobby just lucky, or were in on the crime. That's what police want to know.

"The two females in the video are people I want to talk to," said Det. Dana Russell. "And are persons of interest at this point."

It started innocently enough; the ladies approached two men and seem interested in getting to know them.

"The young ladies said they were hungry, the gentlemen took them to get food," Russell said.

They are seen hugging and flirting in the lobby. When they leave it's around 5 a.m. and they head over to a park at the corner of Cloverdale and Intervale on the west side of Detroit - where three guys with baseball bats beat them up and steal their Saturn vehicle.

"They pulled one of the victims out of the vehicle and the other victim they begin striking in the head with a baseball bat," said Russell.

Police say one of the victims said before the attack he noticed one of the suspects hanging out in an abandoned house near the park but for some reason ignored the red flags.

Police say something else was oddly ignored as well.

"Generally they rob everyone in the vehicle," Russell said. "Not let two leave and only rob the other two, so red flags go up."

One victim was beaten so badly he is still recovering in the hospital, but the two ladies, were seemingly left alone untouched with all their belongings.

It leaves police to believe they could be in on the crime which is why they need your help to find them.

Call 1-800-242-HEAT if you have information, there is a $2,000 reward.