$2 million bond set for suspects in violent carjacking of 88-year-old woman

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A Sterling Heights man and the woman he was with were both charged in the violent carjacking of an 88-year-old. Both are now being held on $2 million bond after being arraigned on Thursday.

Jason Malinas, 38, was arraigned Thursday in Wayne County for the violent carjacking that happened Tuesday in a Walmart parking lot. 

Gloria Kevelighan, 88, was getting out of her car and going in to shop at Walmart in Livonia when she was attacked. 

"He pushed me and I fell flat on my face," she said. "I hit my head, I was bleeding and everything."

Kevelighan said the man knocked her to the ground, yanked her purse off her arm, and then stole her car and drove away. She told FOX 2 on Wednesday what she would do if she ever saw him again.

"I'd kill the son of a b****," she said. "The way he pushed me, he didn't care, he was very strong."

Malinas was arraigned on carjacking, unarmed robbery, and five counts of stealing a financial transaction device. His bond was set at $2 million cash surety 100%. 

Malinas was with a 41-year-old woman, Jessica St. Clair. She was arraigned on the same charges and her bond was also set at $2 million.