2 motorcycle crashes in 24 hours kills man, injures another

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Two terrible motorcycle crashes just hours apart leaving one man dead and another in the hospital.

An agonizing sight for friends and family of 23-year-old De'Mario Williams of Detroit. His crumpled motorcycle on Monday night was caught underneath a Chevrolet Tahoe.

David Pennyman, a friend and neighbor of Williams, sadly looked at a photo of Williams with his daughter Tuesday.

"He always was with his daughter," Pennyman said. "He loved to ride his bike."

Detroit police say the 23-year-old  at around 8:30 Monday night was speeding down Gratiot and crashed into the Tahoe near Manning, becoming trapped underneath. He died at the scene.

"Imagine how it feels to not have a father right next to you," Pennyman said. "She's going to wondering where her father is at."

And just hours later Tuesday morning, SkyFox flew over a motorcycle crash on 11 Mile in Huntington Woods. That rider was thrown from the motorcycle and taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Those two accidents happened in the last day and within the past few days there have been several more. So what can we do as drivers and riders to stay safe this summer?

A rider for 40 years, Richard Wilson is also a motorcycle safety instructor at Macomb County Community College says he was in a bad accident himself eight years ago.

He says riders need to be patient and respect drivers on the road, especially during heavy traffic and construction.

"Don't cut in between traffic, keep an open spot for yourself," Wilson said.

And Wilson says drivers need to be alert and remove anything hanging from their rearview mirrors that could block motorcycles.

"Something as small as a pencil can block the view of a motorcycle coming at you," Wilson said.

But Wilson says riders should make sure they are seen, as well. Wilson recommends a brighter headlight on even during the day.

"It comes on automatically and a lot of times in rush hour I will turn on the high beam just to make myself more visible," Wilson said.

And most of all Wilson says a good quality helmet that fits well, could save your life. And as most accidents happen within five miles from where you live, he says every time you leave your house - gear up.

"Like I tell my students," he said. "If you were in a crash tomorrow, what would you wear? So, dress for that."