2 shot, 1 woman fatally wounded inside River Rouge home

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Two people were shot, a woman was fatally, inside a River Rouge home Tuesday night.

"Upon arrival met by victim 29-year-old male, he is expected to recover - once we entered inside the residence we found a 26-year-old female fatally wounded," said Chief Leonel Lopez, River Rouge police.

The man who is believed to be the woman's boyfriend was transported to a local hospital for surgery. Police say a 5-year old boy was also inside the Polk Street home at the time of the shooting. He's believed to be the woman's child and was uninjured.

"Michigan State Police was contacted to help process crime scene," Lopez said. "Once the evidence is processed hopefully that will give us more (answers) as to what happened."

Police say it's too early in the investigation to call this a home invasion. They also don't have any suspect information to release and they are still working to determine what lead to the gunfire.

But outside this house a window appeared to be shot out and people who live and work nearby, want answers.

"Everyone is wondering what happened, who did it," said Lester Wade, a concerned resident and business owner.

As the investigation continues, concerned citizens say its crime like this that keeps good people away from the city.

"For a small community like this you want to see the city grow and you want to see people come here," Wade said. "But when you hear about something like this it scares people off and makes them think it is not a good neighborhood to live in." 

Chief Lopez wants anyone who heard or saw anything at or near this home to give his department a call at (313) 842-8700.

"Hopefully whoever did it will be caught and tried for it, Wade said.