2 stranger danger reports made in Clawson involving small black SUV

Police are warning people in Clawson about multiple reports of stranger danger incidents over the weekend. Two separate incidents over the weekend have police on high alert. 

Both incidents happened Sunday evening about a mile apart from each other. 

Police say the first one happened around 5:30 p.m. in the area of Kenwood Elementary when two 10-year-old boys were walking home after playing in the area. They noticed a small black SUV was following and told police they felt as though the man was following them. 

The boys ran home and their parents notified police. 

"It just obviously hits very close to home when it's your own child," Melanie told us. 

They described the man as an elderly white man wearing dark reading glasses. He was wearing a black shirt and had gray sideburns. 

Then, about two hours later police got a second report involving a black Kia Soul, though the possible suspect description was different. 

Police say a 9-year-old girl said she was approached by a Hispanic man around 6:30 while she was walking her dog in the area of Elmsford and Washington. She said the man asked to pet her dog. 

The girl ran home and told her mother, who also notified police. 

"Two instances, and I had thought about that too. 'Well, maybe it was something completely innocent and it wasn't that,' but then once I heard about somebody approaching the little girl too it makes it a little more probably that it wasn't just an innocent, somebody driving by looking for something," Melanie said. 

Police haven't confirmed if the incidents are related but are asking any neighbors to contact them if they know anything about either incident.