2-year-old girl shot in head taken off life support, 3 suspects arraigned

The parents of 2-year-old Makanzee are at a loss for words. Their baby girl is officially gone.

"This was their only child," said Cheryl Jenkins, Makanzee's great aunt.

Makanzee was shot in the head Wednesday during a fight police said started over a fight so minuscule -- when one man poured a drink over a girl's head who was getting ready for prom.

"It's never the one they're going after," Jenkins said. "It's always the innocent child."

Makanzee had her family at her side constantly since she was shot Wednesday evening.

The Wayne County prosecutor has charged 21-year-old Deonta Bennet, 30-year-old Cleveland Smelley, and 32-year-old Antoine Smelley with eight counts of assault with intent to murder.

"It was like 11 people on two guys -- guys and girls -- so it just got a little out of control," said Kamika Smelley, a cousin of the defendants.

The men were arraigned in court on Saturday morning.

"We will be there for every step, after this. Once we are able to lay her to rest, then our focus is justice," said Qiana Moore, Makanzee's cousin.

Antoine Smelley was also charged with two counts of felonious assault and Deonta Bennet was also charged with felony firearm, for the shootout in the yard of a house on Fairmont.

The Wayne County prosecutor said seven people were shot at in a parked car, including Makanzee and two other children. There were no other serious injuries.

"If they do not get life and do have to hit these streets," Jenkins said. "I hope they find God. I truly hope they find God."

The family has set up a GoFundMe account to raise funds for funeral costs.