21-Day Challenge recap: 400+ pounds gone!

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St. John Providence Health partnered with FOX 2 on the 21-Day Challenge earlier this month.

The goal was to invite everyone to eat better, walk more, lose weight and join our 21-Day Challenge Facebook group.

On Wednesday FOX 2 caught up with some of the members from our Facebook group to hear their success stories.

FOX 2 Community Service Director Katie Fehr lost 5.5 pounds and said that the page members had plenty of good news to share.

"The people who checked in of our 2,000 in the group lost 450 pounds," Fehr said, adding that it worked out to about 60 people checking in with weight lost.

Group member Lisa also lost five pounds. 

"Less sugar, more water," she said.

Viewer Danielle lost eight pounds.

Her key? "Portion size and no wine after dinner," she said.

Another member, Tawanna, lost eight pounds and one dress size.

"By getting outside, running and walking," she said. "I love it."

Viewer Dorothy, lost five pounds.

"No cannolis, just fruit," she said. 

Joanne, one of the leaders of the online group, lost eight pounds.

"The page helps motivate me when I'm about to fall down," she said. "I go there for the support."

Shannon Pearce, an R.N. from Providence Hospital, was also on hand to talk about the challenge and how to keep going.

"It;s hard to keep going," she said. "People just want to stop, and then start eating. But I would encourage you to think about what you've done in three weeks and think about what could I do if I stuck with it another three weeks.

"Or, a year. What could I accomplish in two years. Keep up that motivation and keep at it."

When you add what the Facebook group lost to what the FOX2 staff lost the challenge resulted in more than 500 pounds gone!

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