22-year-old hearing-impaired man beaten in Detroit

A young, hearing-impaired visciously beaten Wednesday -- all of it caught on camera.

"I instantly started crying. I couldn't finish the video," the victim's sister said.

A Detroit woman describes the feelings she had watching her 22-year-old hearing impaired brother beaten mercilessly in an attack, the video later posted on Facebook.

"You lured him to your apartment. You could have kept beating on him. He could have died," she said.

A baby is heard crying in the background as the man takes blow after blow, at one point signing to his attacker, "stop" and "I can't breathe."

"My brother didn't deserve that. You didn't have to do that to him," the victim's sister said.

The woman, who is asking to keep the identity of her family private, says the man who did the beating is also 22 years old and a former friend and classmate of her brother's.

She also says the woman behind the camera was also a friend of her brother's and that both of them are also hearing impaired.

The sister thinks the whole thing was a set up.

"I think they had a confrontation back and forth," she said. "My brother didn't know that the boy was gonna be there."

She says her brother was allowed to leave the apartment soon after the camera stopped rolling, and that aside from some bruises, he was treated for a minor concussion at a local hospital.

He's now home recovering from his injuries.

"I just wanna know why? Just why?" the victim's sister said.

Detroit police are now investigating the attack and heartless social media post, so far calling it the result of an on-going feud.

The victim's sister mainly wants this man off the street as soon as possible, worried about what other damage he could cause.

"I feel like, if he could do that to him, what if something else happened with somebody else he gets into a confrontation with? He can also do that to them. And it could probably go further than what happened to my brother," she said.

Detroit police at the 12 precinct are still in the process of interviewing the three people who were in the room during this, they say so far, there have been no arrests.