24 year-old shot and killed before crashing vehicle into tree

Standing alongside shattered glass on Omira Street in Detroit, the family of 24-year-old Lamar Perry console one another at the crime scene.

Vanessa Tart, Perry's mother, says she knew something was wrong when she couldn't reach him Sunday afternoon. 

Perry was found in his fiance's car after having crashed into a tree. Police say Perry was shot to death. 

"When they pulled him out of the car, then I knew it was him," says Tart.

Those who knew Perry spoke about the bright future he had ahead of him, and say he was active in his 7-year-old daughter's life and was engaged to be married. 

"I loved him because he made my daughter happy. I consider him a son, not a son-in-law," says Tonya McWilliams.

Perry was released from jail about a month ago. His mother believes that Perry's recent good fortune may have been his undoing. 

"He had been locked up for a year, and he was found not guilty on all six of his charges, and I don't know if [the shooting] was retaliation from that? Or, the person that took out my other son," says Tart.

Tart is no stranger to grieving the loss of a son. In 2010, the victim's brother was stabbed to death just three streets away from where Perry was found. 

The brother was also a father. Now, their mother is relaying in faith after losing her only children to street crime. Both murders are unsolved to this point. 

"People need to come forward and stop this not-snitching part, because until it happens to their family they don't understand," says Tart.