26-year-old single mom of 3 loses battle with cancer

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A young mother was remembered Monday night after losing a long battle with cancer. She was featured on FOX 2 in 2015 and generous viewers helped her family avoid homelessness.

"We're here father God to remember the life, the journey of Simone," said a man at Monday's vigil.

Simone Hearn passed away Friday at the age of 26, less than two years after her story melted the hearts of thousands.

"I want to give my kids a home," she said in 2015.

While battling stage three cancer, Simone and her three children battled homelessness. Her story was heard by the Detroit Rescue Mission who gave her a home.

"I'm just grateful that they thought about us and gave us a home and I won't let them down," Hearn said in 2015.

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Over the years, the cancer spread.

"She battled six different cancers, and each time she got that news all she showed was strength and support every single time," said Kenyette Thompson, Simone's nurse.

Those who knew her best say she was an inspiration to many.

"She never gave up, she said she had to be strong for her kids," Thompson said.

Despite the hard hand she was dealt in life.

"It was her main goal all the time to be strong for her kids and to keep on trying," Thompson said.

When her story was first shared, a GoFundMe account raised almost $25,000 for the family. Now that Simone is gone, a new GoFundMe account was made for her children. CLICK HERE TO DONATE.

"Thank you all so much," said James Ferguson, Simone's brother. "It's truly appreciated. Thank you for the kind words, the cards, the proceeds that you guys have done, and what those individuals are preparing to do. We truly are grateful." 

"She had three small children that her mother is taking on alone," Thompson said. "Right now, there's just a financial need for people to help, as much as they can."