3-alarm fire leaves 2 injured at Detroit's Alden Towers apartment complex

Joyce Jones was moved to tears talking about the three-alarm fire which ripped through her east-side apartment complex.

"It was scary, just scary," Jones said.  "Black smoke horrible black smoke. "We got stuck in our apartment we tried to get out two times we couldn’t get out."

Multiple fire crews responded to the scene which was classified as a three-alarm fire at Alden Towers on E. Jefferson.

"I woke up to hearing people screaming and to call 911 I could smell the smoke I heard people running above me," said Micah Stallings.

"We immediately went into action," said James Harris, DFD chief of community relations. "We did give assistance to some people, making sure that they got out okay."

The fire did lead to a couple injuries - Harris said two people were evaluated for minor smoke inhalation.

Some residents say they did not hear smoke detectors.

"We didn’t hear alarms or lights flashing," Jones said.

Although amid the chaos, other residents say they did hear them.

"We did. It was faint but we heard them which is a good thing," Stallings said.

Fox 2 reached out to mangers for Alden Towers for comment but the wait for a response continues.

But officials say if it had not been for the fast response and thinking of the Detroit Fire Department the number of injuries could have been higher.

"The work of our men and women of the fire department they were able to contain it to that one apartment," said Charles Simms, Detroit Fire Department.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation but many residents say they’re just happy no one died.

"I was afraid for my life," Jones said.

Fire officials say this incident serves as a reminder that fire escape plans are crucial.

"When you hear that smoke alarm get out, get low, stay out, pay attention and remember that fire evacuation plan," Harris said.