3 arrested for stealing brand new F150s after returning to steal more, Dearborn police say

Dearborn police arrested three men they say stole two brand new Ford F150s - and were returning to steal more.

Police caught the three men, Javonte Finley, Diamond McCray, and Kelvon Cunningham, when they returned to Fairlane Towne Center.

According to Dearborn Police Captain Issa Shahin, they stole two trucks that were being stored in a parking lot on April 3rd.

"They come off the line at the factory, they'll be stored temporarily in storage lots and then - go to destinations all across the country," Shahin said.

After the thefts, Dearborn police believed they'd come back. They were right. Shahin said they were returning to the lot with intentions to steal even more brand new trucks.

"Our officers were really on top of it and set up surveillance on that lot and see if they came back," Shahin said. "We were waiting for them."

Captain Shahin says investigators were able to arrest all three suspects and recover the stolen pickup trucks.

"What's that old adage we don't catch the smart ones always so yeah, it was good work on our officers part," Shahin said.