3 Detroit children shot at, 9 year old in critical condition

Police are still searching for the person who shot a 9-year-old old boy in Detroit.

Malik Cosey was sitting in a car in a driveway on Murray Hill when someone opened fire around 3 p.m. on Saturday.

Two other children were also in the car, but they were not hurt.

Malik is still in critical condition.

Police say two suspects in a silver Dodge Magnum drove away.

They do not believe the children were the intended target.

Malik was rushed to the Sanai Grace Hospital by his family. He has since been transferred to the children's hospital in Detroit. 

This shooting comes after two other incidents of children shot in the city in the past couple weeks.

One 9-year-old accidentally shooting himself in the hand with his mother's gun. In another case, a 10-year old accidentally shot his 14-year-old brother in the stomach.

Parents in both accidental shootings are facing charges, while the ones responsible for this are still out there.

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