3 Michigan State players accused of assault violated policy

Mark Dantonio

Michigan State University investigated an alleged sexual assault and found that three football players violated campus policy, a lawyer said Tuesday.

Michigan State said federal law bars it from releasing the report or discussing the findings. But the report was shared with attorney Karen Truszkowski, who represents the woman who filed the complaint.

Truszkowski said the players violated policy, but she declined to elaborate.

Michigan State spokesman Jason Cody confirmed the end of the investigation Monday but said he couldn't talk about any aspect of it.

The players, whose names haven't been released, now will go through a disciplinary process, with penalties ranging from probation to expulsion from school.

"As to what will happen, I can't speculate," Truszkowski said. "They're entitled to their due process."

Separately, the Ingham County prosecutor still is reviewing a police investigation of the January incident for possible criminal charges.

The players have been suspended from team activities since February. The controversy has roiled the football program for months and comes at the same time that a sports doctor has been charged with sexually assaulting young gymnasts at a campus clinic.

Federal law requires Michigan State to investigate complaints about sexual harassment, apart from any police investigation.

"The investigator did a thorough, fair and reasonable investigation," Truszkowski said.

Football coach Mark Dantonio barred reporters from practices during spring drills and prevented any players from speaking publicly about the team's troubles. In April, defensive end Auston Robertson was dismissed from the team after being charged with a sexual assault off campus.