3 shot during fight outside party bus in Greektown

A night of celebrating in Greektown ended in a blast of gunfire that injured three people over the weekend.

Cell phone video shows a fight break out near a party bus right before a man in the crowd started shooting. Three people were hurt but all are expected to survive.

Jaylon Calhoun, one of the gunshot victims, says it was just supposed to be a night out with friends to celebrate a birthday. He was shot in the ankle.

"We were just out there relaxing. We weren't looking for no problems," he says.

The shooting happened around 1:30 a.m. Sunday near Congress and St. Antoine.

The friends were out celebrating the 22nd birthday of Shanyelle Jones. She was also injured when she was grazed by a bullet. A third friend, Brittany Oliver, was shot in the leg.

Video on Brittany's SnapChat shows that a fight broke out right before a man in the crowd started shooting. You can see that video in the video player above.

"I just had an uneasy feeling. I don't know. I just couldn't sleep last night and I just didn't know what it was until I got that call. I still didn't know how serious it was until I got to the hospital," says Brittany's mother, Shireen Oliver. "[Brittany] is doing fine right now; she just got out of surgery at Detroit Receiving. They took a vein out of one leg and put it out of the other. She's gonig to be down for a couple of days and in the hospital for a couple of days."

It's not clear right now what the fight was over or why the shooting happened.

We're told the shooter was a black male wearing a white shirt with dark sleeves.