3 teens charged in 'random' murder, robberies in Dearborn

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Three teens, between the ages of 13 and 17, are being charged in the murder that Dearborn police said completely random and part of a string of crimes committed over the weekend.

Dearborn police chief Ron Haddad said Thursday the people in custody are suspected right now in other crimes in other cities in the metro area. 

The three suspects were arrested at various times over the course of the last few days. 

Jamel Philson, 17, and Demaurio Dismuke, 14, are both being charged as adults. The 13-year-old will be charged as a minor but adult designated, meaning if convicted, the judge can decide to sentence him as a juvenile, an adult, or sentence him to a blended adult/juvenile sentence.

Prosecutors say, during the weekend crime spree, Saja Al Janabi, 29, was killed as she sat outside in her car outside her family's home in the 7800 block of Bingham. Her family rushed out immediately, but she could not be saved. 

About 10 minutes prior to her murder, Dearborn police were called to an armed robbery of an elderly woman about 5 minutes from the murder scene. At that same time in the same area, it was reported a man had been assaulted at gunpoint. 

The woman's purse was also later recovered in Detroit, Haddad said.

All have been charged with larceny of a person, armed robbery and felony murder. Dismuke is the alleged shooter and also has two counts of felony firearm. Dismuke is also accused of shooting the gun as they were running away after the murder, so he picked up additional charges of assault with intent to murder and felony firearm.

Dismuke was wearing a tether, police say, and has previous convictions dating back to 2017 including weapon and assault charges - plus he pleaded guilty to retail fraud.

Chief Haddad says that while they believe these crimes were all connected, they were also all "totally random." 

"[Saja] was an innocent victim; it was a random crime and if I were in that car or if you were in that car it would've happened to me. It had nothing to do with anything," he said at the press conference.