3-year-old suffers burns after man firebombs Detroit family's home

A 3-year-old is recovering from burns after his mother's home was firebombed last week. The family is now trying to make a fresh start, but needs help.

The house was intentionally set on fire with a Molotov cocktail thrown through a bedroom window.

"I just saw the fire just blazing around really high, the bed was on fire, it was getting closer and closer to him, that's why it burned him," said Lockawana Boyd.

"We woke up out of our sleep with flames," said Deonna Wells.

It happened Friday on Appoline Street on Detroit’s west side. Police identified the main suspect - the boyfriend of a close family friend who was staying at the house to get away from him - and the abuse she said he made her endure.

He is currently behind bars right now for a completely separate crime. And as it turns out, he was no stranger to the family he targeted on Appoline.

"I have pictures of him actually laying with my son," said Wells. "They would sleep together, so he wasn’t a new face at all. It is just kind of scary for someone to do that, all because a person wanted to leave him."

It is hard to believe by looking at the house that everyone got out alive, but to make matters worse — there was some confusion about whether 3-year-old Amari was sleeping upstairs with his aunt or downstairs in his crib.

"I don’t remember if he was screaming or not, I just remember getting him and getting out of the house," said Boyd.

His ears and arm were burned in the fire.

3-year-old Amari suffered burns in the firebombing.

3-year-old Amari suffered burns in the firebombing.

"I almost lost my family, I just had to react before I panicked," Boyd said.

Although they are still in shock, the family is trying to make a fresh start.

"We don’t have anything, we lost clothes, everything, shoes just anything you can think of, we lost," said Wells.

They set up a GoFundMe in hopes of raising some money. The family car was also firebombed.

And then there is the emotional trauma, all of them are dealing with.

"That was our home, where we felt peace," Boyd said. "And he took our peace away."

But the horrible ordeal is not breaking their spirit.

"We still have hope, we're still going to work, day by day," Wells said. "We don’t want to put ourselves in a predicament to be depressed, even though we are sad about it we just have to keep on pushing just have to keep on going."

If you would like to help use THIS LINK to donate to the family's GoFundMe.