31-year-old Holly Twp. woman shot and killed while jogging along road

A 31-year-old Holly Township woman was shot and killed while jogging down the road, according to Michigan state police.

Investigators said the call came in around 2:30 p.m. Saturday, by a man reporting there was woman injured in his yard.

"The homeowner had heard some gun shots, came outside and noticed a female was lying out in his front lawn," said Lt. Michael Shaw of the Michigan state police.

Police said the woman was jogging down Fish Lake Road in Rose Township when she was shot. The homeowner who called 911 tried to resuscitate her. Emergency responders arrived and took her to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

"Troopers and investigators from our special enforcement section are gathering evidence, talking now to neighbors, trying to find out exactly what occurred out here," Shaw said.

State police are still searching for the shooter, but do not yet have a suspect.

"We're still at the very beginning stage of what's going on with this investigation so it's gonna take a little time," Shaw said.

Police have contacted this woman's family and are also gathering information from them to see if they know what may have led to this.

If you were in this area around the time of the shooting and saw or heard anything suspicious, you're asked to give state police a call.