32 people shot, 4 dead after violent Labor Day weekend

Four people are dead and 28 others are hurt after a violent Labor Day weekend in Detroit.

"It's very difficult when you say things are still moving in the right direction because again, one homicide, one shooting is just one too many," said Detroit Police Chief James Craig.

Detroit police said  from 6 p.m. Friday to 6 a.m. Tuesday, 32 people were shot -- 16 people each on the east and west side. Two of those were triple shootings, and four of those were double shootings.

"In comparison to last year at the same time period, we actually saw 10 fatal shootings and 28 non-fatal," Craig said.

This weekend police saw a young man shot and killed on Haverhill on Sunday night. Just a couple of hours later, there was a double shooting on Coyle. The suspect was caught naked in the street and arrested. On Tuesday morning, a senior citizen was shot in the knee cap during an attempted robbery on Peterboro.

"It was just a (cowardly) act and in an attempt to further bully our citizens," said Dep. Chief Michael Woody of the Detroit Police Department.

Craig said despite the number of homicides increasing by six this year, violent crime is down 6 percent, robberies are down 15 percent and carjackings are down 34 percent.

"Make no mistake, I'm not suggesting were waving a flag of success. Progress? Absolutely Our work does continue," Craig said.

Craig said over the last five months the department has taken a preliminary look at ex-cons in possession of handguns within the city. He said he's astounded by the results.

While cities like Los Angeles have zero tolerance for felons carrying guns, bond rates in Wayne County are much lower.

"What's the incentive not to carry a gun illegally? If you're getting a $500 bail but in places like California they start out at $30,000," Craig said. "Something, I tell you, is wrong with that picture."

While police believe the warm weather and celebrating this long weekend likely contributed to the violence, Craig said the bottom line is Detroit cops can't do it alone.