4-year-old shot in Detroit, the family is looking for help to relocate

4-year-old Kylei was the victim of a seemingly random shooting at a Detroit home on Dec. 5.

4-year-old recovering after being shot inside her home on Detroit's west side

When police responded to the scene, it was discovered that Kylei was the only person that had suffered injuries. She was taken to a nearby hospital in a patrol car.

Kylei's mom said the bullet entered through her pelvis, then it exited through her side and struck her elbow. She is currently in stable condition and recovering well.

Police told FOX 2 that they are still investigating and no one is in custody at this time.

The family lives on the upper level of a duplex on Woodingham. The mom's sister, Kylei's aunt, lives on the lower level.

They don't know why someone would shoot up their homes, but they are looking for a new place to live.

"Who wants to return to a home like that with your children," said Kylei's mom.

Kylei's mom and aunt started a GoFundMe to help raise money for their relocation.