48 cats rescued from from hoarding situation in elderly Plymouth man's trailer

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Nearly 50 cats have been rescued from a trailer home in Plymouth and now the Humane Society is looking for adopters.

The cats were rescued from an elderly man's run-down and neglected trailer where he lived with the animals.

Neighbors told the Humane Society of Huron Valley that the hoarding situation had been happening for decades.

HSHV says there were remains of dead cats in plastic containers, a hot tub filled with feces and many of the cats were sick.

"The conditions that go along with animal hoarding violate state animal cruelty laws and cause immense suffering for the animals. It also indicates that a person with serious mental health issues is not getting the help they need," said Tanya Hilgendorf, HSHV's president and CEO. 

Cats available for adoption include brown tabbies, Lynx Point Siamese mixes, grey tabbies and more.

Each cat has been vaccinated, micro chipped, spayed or neutered and given medical attention.

"These cats are real survivors and have withstood horrid conditions I doubt many of us could," said Michele Baxter, HSHV's cruelty and rescue manager. "We hope the public will come forward to adopt them and give them the loving care they deserve."

HSHV says some cats can become household pets, while others are more suitable to live outside as barn cats.

The barn cats are free for adopters.

For an application to adopt a cat, visit www.hshv.org/barncatapplication.