5 ways cooking with parchment paper will make your life easier

Line your pans with parchment for very easy removal of breads in loaf pans, cakes in cake pans. Just trace the bottom of the baking pan you want to use, cut it out and then add sides.

Measure/mix your flour on parchment paper. Using a bowl is cumbersome and you have a hard time getting the last of the ingredients into the mixer bowl without spilling it over your counter.

Line your baking sheets with parchment so the vegetables come off cleanly from the pan. Roasting bacon also on parchment makes for a very easy clean up.

Roasting or baking meals  "En Papilote", or in a parchment sack for a healthy spin on a meal. Just load up with a protein and vegetables and seal. Cooking takes about 12 -15 minutes at 395 degrees.

Amp up your Teflon. If you have problems using Teflon pans and you don't want to use lots of grease or oils to cook eggs, try using parchment on a fry pan to cook you eggs!