Police: 5-year-old abducted by father from Pontiac, rescued in Arkansas

A 5-year-old boy is back home in Pontiac after being abducted by his father and found in Little Rock, Arkansas. (Oakland County Sheriff’s Office)

A 5-year-old boy is safe with his mother again after allegedly being abducted by his father from Pontiac and taken "900 miles from home," according to the Oakland County Sheriff's Department.

The father, 40-year-old Daniel Chibuike Ohno of Huston, Texas, does not have custody of the child, police said. Ohno was located in Little Rock, Arkansas on Saturday, Feb. 3, driving a stolen vehicle with the boy inside – who he had taken without the mother's permission.

Arkansas police and Oakland County detectives coordinated to rescue the boy and arrest Ohno on an expressway.

"It is believed Ohno was on the way to Texas with the boy," according to the sheriff's department. "Ohno faces car theft charges in Pontiac and additional felonies in Arkansas."

The boy was kidnapped from Pontiac on Feb. 2, police said. The mother, the son, and Ohno were in her car when an argument ensued. The mother went into her house and Ohno drove away in her vehicle, abducting the boy.

The father had been absent from his child's life for many years until the past few months, which is why the mother was concerned and contacted the sheriff’s office. Police were able to trace her car and save her child.

"The boy’s mother flew to Little Rock the same day and was reunited with her son," according to the sheriff's office. "They have returned to Pontiac."

Detectives are currently working on extraditing Ohno back to Oakland County.


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