5-year old Canton boy hit by car, neighbors want speed bumps put in

A 5-year old boy was hit by an SUV in a Canton mobile home park.

Police were dispatched to the area of 51000 Mott Road for a car crash hitting a pedestrian.

We're told the boy ran into the roadway in front of a vehicle. He was transported to a nearby hospital and is listed in stable condition. 

The community sees this as an opportunity for change in their neighborhood.

"These kids they're young, they need to grow, people need to stop and slow down, it's not that bad the world is not going nowhere," a neighbor said. 

Slow down, that's all neighbors want. They know what can happen on Mott road inside their mobile home park when drivers go too fast. 

Police have made it clear that they don't believe speed or alcohol were factors when a 28-year old driver hit the child.

But neighbors in the community see this as an opportunity for drivers to take it slow and for speed bumps and stop signs to be put in.

Anthony Boehm a resident in the community also wants speed bumps in his neighborhood.

"We had an accident happen right behind me a head on collision somebody took the corner going faster than they should have been going hit oncoming traffic and caused head on collision, there has been people who slid off the road because they were going too fast," he said.