5 years after brain tumor diagnosis, woman organizes cancer fundraiser to thank Henry Ford Hospital

Five years ago Molly Marco was on enjoying her favorite coffee at a Downtown Detroit coffee house when suddenly she didn't feel like herself.

"I felt dizzy, fell off the chair," she said. "(EMS came) they pretty much told me I would be to taken to emergency and tested for either a seizure or a stroke - and I thought it was a joke."

The seemingly healthy 35-year-old was diagnosed with a grade three cancerous brain tumor.

"You think cancer happens to other people," she said.

Molly received her medical treatment at Hermelin Brain Tumor Center at Henry Ford Hospital. It included surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

"Henry Ford Hospital and Hermelin Brain Tumor Center, we're a place of hope always pushing the envelope of what we can do,"  said Dr. James Snyder, neuro-oncologist. "And it always comes back to the patient."

Five years later, this pet mom of two is active and her MRI results have not shown any further tumor activity.  Grateful, Molly decided this year to organize a fundraiser during May, Brain Tumor Awareness Month.

Molly Marcos from five years ago.

Molly Marcos from five years ago.

Proceeds from items sold at coffee shops like Ashe Supply Co. will go for this fundraiser  

"All these coffee shops started getting involved," said Marco, a coffee lover."(They said) 'We're willing to donate 15 percent of each bag' and it's become a thing now."

The fundraising effort will support the Brain Tumor Center and its  Game on Cancer initiative  

"The funds that Molly is generating go to Game On Cancer," said Dr. Snyder. "It is a remarkable organization within Henry Ford that helps patients in their time of need so that they can help for some of the financial stressors of going through cancer or tumor diagnosis. And they also fund research and it all comes back to the people cared for at Henry Ford."

For more information including which coffee shops are participating, CLICK HERE.

Molly hopes the fundraising is successful because she believes the medical care she received at Henry Ford made a difference in her treatment and outcome.

Molly Marco

Molly Marco

"And the care I got with nurses, staff, doctors, I just really love it here and I believe everyone should have that kind of care," she said.