59-year-old supermarket security guard charged in double shooting

A 59-year-old Detroit man is facing multiple charges after authorities say he shot two people outside of the supermarket where he worked. 

Cedric Windom is a security guard at U.S. Quality Foods Supermarket on Joy Road at Greenfield, where the double shooting happened the evening of Oct. 6. 

We're told Windom and a female customer got into some sort of verbal argument, and the women left the store with her groceries. She called her husband and he came to the store, and that's when the argument escalated.

It's alleged Windom followed them both outside of the store, and first shot the man and then shot the woman. 

"If a wife has to call their husband for a situation, you're being disrespectful," the woman's cousin, DJ Forbes, told us. "That security guard had no business coming out of that store. Period. If you see the guy getting ready to leave, there was no reason to come out that store."

While some contend the guard is not aggressive and has never pulled out his gun before, others say he has constantly started unnecessary drama with customers.

Both victims ended up in the hospital and have undergone surgery. They're expected to be okay. 

While the guard has a license to carry, police still arrested him. He's facing two counts of assault with intent to murder; two counts of assault with intent to do great bodily harm; and four counts of felony firearm. 

Police haven't elaborated on what the argument was about