Security guard at Detroit supermarket arrested after shooting at customers Sunday night after argument

A security guard that some say has a "nasty attitude" is in jail after he allegedly shot at two customers - a wife and husband - Sunday night. 

The incident happened around 6 p.m. at a supermarket on Joy Road near Greenfield, when an argument broke out between a 44-year-old woman and the guard.

"It could've been real deadly. Could've been real deadly," said DJ Forbes, the woman's cousin.

Happening at the US Quality Supermarket, the woman apparently called her 46-year-old husband after arguing with the security guard. When he showed up, all three of them continued to argue.

"If a wife has to call their husband for a situation, you're being disrespectful," said Forbes.

Police say eventually the wife and husband left the store. But the security guard followed. The man got on his motorcycle to leave when the security guard pulled out a gun and started shooting at him.

"That security guard had no business coming out of that store. Period. If you see the guy getting ready to leave, there was no reason to come out that store," said Forbes.

The security guard shot at the man multiple times. Then, police say the woman pulled out her gun and the security guard started shooting at her, hitting her in the face.

"Man, why did he shoot them?" asked Antone Reynolds, who lives nearby. "What was the reason for him shooting them? The guy didn't even have a gun."

Both victims ended up in the hospital and have undergone surgery. While the guard has a license to carry, police still arrested him. While some contend the guard is not aggressive and has never pulled out his gun before, others say he has constantly started unnecessary drama with customers.

"Drinking, cussing out customers," said Forbes.

Both victims are expected to be okay and police say paperwork has been sent over to the prosecutor's office. They expect charges to be filed on Tuesday.