59K without power after severe weather, police search for triple shooting suspect, a Coney Island to close

It's all quiet across most of Southeast Michigan Monday morning, but it was a stormy, windy evening for many Metro Detroit residents as thunderstorms walloped most of the region from late Sunday into early Monday. 

Some freeways had reported flooding, a tornado touched down further west of Detroit, and almost 60,000 people were without power.

Any remaining showers should be done passing through by Monday afternoon. 

Flooding was reported on I-94 near Nine Mile and Woodward early this morning. 

Severe weather late Sunday brought tornado warnings and at least one confirmed touchdown in northern Indiana, close to Branch and Hillsdale counties.

Strong winds have also created a bit of a mess for 59,649 people in the metro area, with major outages being reported in northern Oakland County, western Wayne County, and several other smaller areas in and around Detroit.

Close to 10,000 people lost power in and around Rochester. Another couple thousand residents in Bloomfield Hills also had lost power. Most of the reasons for the outages were due to wind damage, according to DTE's map.

Estimated restoration of power in areas around the region is expected for later Monday.

Monday's forecast looks to be much calmer with most residents getting temperatures in the upper 70s. Humidity will begin to drop later this evening and temperatures will fall into the 60s. 

11-year-old, 2 others hurt by gunfire Sunday morning

Detroit police have released photos of a man suspected of open firing on a truck Sunday morning, wounding three people including an 11-year-old child. All victims are in stable condition after the Father's Day shooting and police have obtained photos of the man behind the gunfire.

It happened on St. Mary's near Plymouth Road when a man exited the passenger side of a black Chrysler 300 around 8 a.m. with an assault-style gun or rifle and fired on a Chevrolet Suburban. The boy was shot in the chest, his 33-year-old dad was hit in the leg, while a second man was shot while running from the SUV.

The gunman is described as a Black male with a slim build, dark brown complexion, and short hair. He was last seen wearing a white T-shirt, stone-washed two-tone jeans, and black and white gym shoes.

Many in Metro Detroit are still mourning the loss of a 2-year-old that was killed in a freeway shooting late Thursday night. The emergence of increased gun violence has drawn members of the community to become increasingly vocal about residents policing themselves in places where police cannot.

U.S. Canada border restriction updates coming

News of the international border with Canada remaining closed until July arrived with a caveat this weekend when the minister of public safety announced on Twitter that restrictions for those allowed to travel who were also vaccinated will be getting more details about options to travel today.

The border remains closed until July 21, due to COVID-19 in both countries. While the U.S. has successfully stamped out most of its outbreaks and reduced the unmitigated spread that was present early last year, the coronavirus is still classified as a pandemic globally.

As a result, "we are extending restrictions on non-essential international travel and with the United States until July 21st, 2021," tweeted PM Bill Blair.

"As we have said, the government is planning measures for fully vaccinated Canadians, Permanent Residents, and others who are currently permitted to enter Canada and will provide further details on Monday, June 21," he added.

Highland Park's Red Hots Coney Island closing down after 100 years

Red Hots Coney Island in Highland Park is closing in late July, a month after it celebrates its 100th year in business on June 26.

Carol Harlan and her husband and co-owner Rich have been making chili for 55 years at the location, which was featured in a 2015 segment of Food Network's American Diner Revival when it got renovations completed.

The Harlans say their bodies "are telling us it's time" to close down. However, Carol hoped that someone can purchase the business and keep it up and running.

"Highland Park needs a place like this," Carol said.

– The Associated Press contributed to this report

Glenn Schembechler defends father against step-brother's claim

The latest chapter in the sexual abuse saga at the University of Michigan has encompassed differences inside a family with one of the school's most last names. Glenn Schembechler, son to father Bo and step-brother to Matt, who accused his father of dismissing claims he was abused by a sports doctor, came to his dad's defense Sunday.

"Knowing my mom and dad the way that I did, they would never put their children into harm's way to the level Matt is saying they did," Glenn said. "Millie and Bo absolutely loved their children.

Glenn said he felt bad for Matt, "but he is simply not speaking the truth," he told FOX 2's Charlie Langton Sunday morning. The two have not spoken in years, according to Glenn.

The family of Bo has largely come to the defense of their father, after two players and Matt spoke about times they told their football coach about abuse at the hands of Dr. Robert Anderson, and argued he didn't do anything to protect them.

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Tokyo Olympics to allow up to 10,000 local fans in venues

The Tokyo Olympics will allow some local fans to attend when the games open in just over a month, organizing committee officials and the IOC said on Monday.

Organizers set a limit of 50% of capacity up to a maximum of 10,000 fans for all Olympic venues.

The decision was announced after so-called Five Party talks online with local organizers, the International Olympic Committee, the International Paralympic Committee, the Japanese government and the government of metropolitan Tokyo.