6 arrested for stealing thousands in Livonia gun store break-ins

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Two men are charged in connection with Livonia gun shop break-ins and police say four minors acted as their accomplices.

It is a crime Livonia police and gun store owners take seriously, because we know once the stolen guns reach criminals' hands, the guns are used to commit more crimes.

When your business is selling protection, the last thing you expect is criminals to have your store in their sights

"This caught by surprise," said Dan Hedeen, owner of The Gun Barn 2. "We have alarm systems; we have cameras for this reason, but they were in and out pretty quick."

That's exactly what happened here at Gun Barn 2. A boarded up window shows you exactly where the criminals broke in on April 26, stealing thousands of dollars worth of guns.

When investigators came out to his store, Hedeen realized he wasn't the only target.

"They let me know this was a multiple store hit and they went from there," Hedeen said. "(Police) was very proactive they were right on top and getting stuff right away."

Just three days prior on April 23 at Shooter Services on Six Mile - there was a similar sight.  A side window was boarded up where the criminals made entry before leaving seconds later with stolen guns and ammo.

But thanks to surveillance cameras and evidence taken at the scene, six people have been arrested by Livonia police: four juveniles and two adults.

Bashid Bristol-Davis of Garden City was charged with two counts of breaking and entering and two counts of stealing a firearm among other crimes. Everette Skinner of Ypsilanti was charged with one count each of breaking and entering and stealing firearms.

The gun store owners are thankful they are off the street for now and are taking precautions to make their businesses are more secure.

The two adults charged are being held in Livonia, while the four juveniles are in the Wayne County Juvenile Detention Center awaiting a court appearance.

There have also been gun store break-ins in Dearborn and Monroe, but police have not linked those with these six Livonia suspects. A $3,000 reward has been offered for information leading to the arrests of the suspects involved in those break-ins.