6-car crash on Detroit's east side injures 4 senior citizens

Four people are recovering after an accident involving several vehicles on Detroit’s east side Wednesday.

The crash happened on Eight Mile near Van Dyke injuring four people, but they are expected to be okay.

"We were just doing our thing like we do daily, answering phones, taking care of customers when all of a sudden we just hear a big boom and as we’re hearing it we’re hearing more booms and booms," said Jeff Savaya.

Savaya works at Holbrook Auto Parts on Eight Mile – the crash happened in front of the store.

"We were so shocked," he said. "We had a few customers inside, they all looked and we saw cars hitting cars, on top of cars and then a big U-Haul just came and kind of bum-rushed everyone."

Firefighters had to help two women get out of one of the cars. They and two others were taken to a local hospital. As many as six vehicles were involved in the crash.

Savaya's car was damaged as well.

"Thank God it got hit and just one door has to get replaced," he said.

It’s unclear exactly what led up to the crash, but bystanders say one thing is not: this crash could’ve been far worse.

"Because that kind of accident - I thought for sure multiple people died," he said. "I thought that."

Bystanders praised the fast response of firefighters and police. The crash is still under investigation.