6 injured when car speeding from police hits vehicle of innocent bystanders

Six people were injured when a car crashed into another vehicle on Mark Twain and Lyndon in Detroit Wednesday night.

A police officer attempted to make a traffic stop and the driver sped away southbound on Mark Twain, failed to yield, and hit another vehicle westbound on Lyndon.

The car with innocent bystanders had four people inside - a 44-year-old woman and three teens, a 16-year-old boy and girl, and a 14-year-old boy.

Duane Parham was a witness and he shot video of the crash scene on his phone. He returned Thursday to the scene and says it feels too close to him.

"I heard speeding cars. Then I heard a big bang, crash, and I came to the door and saw all the commotion all the police cars and ambulance - just that fast," Parham said.

The suspects inside the fleeing vehicle were two men, 33 and 30 years old. Both are in custody.

Detroit Police said they tried to pull the other car over a few blocks away and the car took off. Police said they never actually chased that car. The men in that car, both in their early 30's, were taken to the hospital. One is listed in temporary serious condition, while the other is serious.