7-year-old hit, killed crossing I-94 in Romulus

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The Michigan State Police are investigating after a 7-year-old child was hit and killed on I-94 in Romulus early Sunday Morning.

Police say the child was seeking help for her father who was involved in an alleged drunk driving crash in the area, when she attempted to cross the freeway and was hit by an oncoming driver.

“This poor child, 7-years old doesn't get to live the rest of her life, because of a decision that an adult made,” Michigan State Police Lt Mike Shaw said.

That adult, the 7-year old's father who decided to get into his car around 3:30 Sunday morning and drive drunk on the highway.

“He had struck an abandoned vehicle on I-94 right there near Merriman, lost control and went off the roadway,” he said.

Lt. Mike Shaw with Michigan State police says her dad was unconscious behind the wheel after hitting the abandoned car - that's when the child texted 911 to dispatchers, but was unable to call them.

She told them that she thought her dad was killed but police had trouble locating her even after they pinged the cell phone.

A short time later, another 911 call came in a report of a woman saying she hit someone along I-94, it turned out to be that 7-year old.

“Somewhere along the line she learned call 911 if you are in trouble and she did just that we are just taken aback that we couldn't find her before something happened,” he said.

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Police say the female driver of the car that hit the child was questioned by police but later released. Lt. Shaw says they don't expect her to be charged.

“You got a poor lady that was just driving down 94 and she is going to have to live with the fact that she struck a child the rest of her life,” Shaw said.

The 7-year old's father was taken to the hospital but wasn't injured, then he was taken into police custody pending charges.

Lt. Shaw says this is a tragedy that could have been prevented.

“The trauma that reaches these events is huge, you will have Romulus police officers and troopers that will be affected by this the rest of their lives.”

We are working to learn more about the child’s father, we do know that the van he was driving is registered to a medical transportation company out of Livonia.

We reached out to the company and have not heard back.