71-year-old charged with shooting her neighbor in dispute going to trial

A 71-year-old Detroit woman accused of shooting her neighbor during a dispute is going to trial. 

Andrea Williams is facing charges of assault with intent to do great bodily harm, three counts of felonious assault and multiple other weapons charges.

According to the prosecutor, she got into an argument with her 69-year-old male neighbor over landscaping on July 18. Williams allegedly got a handgun and shot the man in the foot, then waived the gun around and pointed it at several other people.

A friend who was helping the man with yardwork testified at a hearing on Thursday. 

"He fell on the ground, and was holding his foot and saying, 'You shot me!' and then I, basically, before the sound of the "pow" died, I was across the street on the porch," he said. 

The neighbor was treated and has been released from the hospital. 

Williams does not have a criminal history. It's not known yet when her trial will begin.