71-year-old landscaper hit by a car while blowing leaves, driver mad his mirror broke

On Oct. 7, James Elmore, a 71-year-old landscaper, was hit by a car near Mack Avenue and Bewick Street.

Elmore was blowing leaves when he was hit by a black Mercedes sedan driving down the street.

He was seen on the ground yelling for help on home security footage. The driver backed up to yell at Elmore for breaking the side mirror of his car. The driver left the scene.

According to family, Elmore is still in the hospital with a broken leg and ankle in three spots. He is said to have multiple surgeries ahead in hopes that he will be able to walk again.

Detroit police are looking for the driver of the car with the license plate DAK-0874. Witnesses say that the driver lives in the area that it happened.