79-year-old woman tied up and robbed in her Farmington Hills home

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UPDATE: Police have arrested a suspect in connection to the robbery of a woman inside her Farmington Hills home.

A 79-year-old woman is recovering in the hospital after she was tied up by an intruder in her Farmington Hills home.

Police said they took a suspect into custody on Friday on an unrelated charge. Police identified him as a 46-year-old Redford Township resident and is currently being held on a felony warrant from another department. Police say he was involved in multiple home invasions in Farmington Hills and the surrounding area.

"It's disgusting to do this to anybody, particularly an elderly woman," says Charles Nebus of Farmington Hills police.

It happened around 1:30 Thursday afternoon. Police say the man knocked on the woman's door and told her he was looking for his dog.

He convinced her to take down his phone number in case she spotted the non-existent pup. When she turned to get a pen and paper, he crept inside the house.

"He struck her from behind with a hard object to the back of the head," Nebus says. "He knocked her down; he took her to the living room; tied her up and then demanded jewelry and money."

Needless to say, neighbors are unsettled.

"It's pretty unusual," says Jim Learner. "I imagine people will be locking their doors more often and making sure their cars are locked, garage doors are closed. I guess that's just a part of life these days."

"I'm a carrier of a concealed weapon," said another neighbor. "So I try to watch out for my family and we do the best we can. We try to look out for the elderly neighbors that are in the neighborhood but this has been a pretty safe area for the most part."

He was driving a silver Pontiac Grand Prix. Police believe the suspect may have targeted the woman to rob her of her jewelry.

Burglars and home invaders use the ruse of a lost dog or they're around to do some work on your house or are there to meet someone not at your house - take all of that as potential warning signs.