8 killed in violent Memorial Day weekend, 11 wounded in shootings

The 2018 Memorial Day Holiday Weekend included 14 non-fatal shootings, eight fatal shootings and a deadly assault.

One year later the 2019 holiday weekend in Detroit leaves a police report not much different 

"We had eight homicides over the weekend, that's Saturday, Sunday, Monday," said Assistant Chief David LeValley, Detroit police. "We had 11 non-fatal shooting victims for a total of 16 scenes."

The 2019 Memorial Day weekend included a triple homicide on Devonshire and a 19-year-old allegedly killed over designer Cartier glasses. 

"Many of the cases that occurred over the weekend, we have already identified the individuals, we have taken individuals into custody," LeValley said.

Police say they have the shooter of the teen who wore designer eyewear in custody and they have identified the suspect in the triple homicide and are working to locate him.

As police work to put an end to the violence, investigators say they are relying on a strategy called "Cease Fire" where they reach out to potential perpetrators and victims of crimes to stop the violence 

"We engage them, we offer them alternative options and we make a promise that if they don't change their lifestyle, the entire law-enforcement community is going to focus on them, if they don't take advantage of the opportunities offered to them," LeValley said.

Detroit police say despite what may seem like a violent city, crime numbers are dropping. 

"We've seen reductions, I know that on a weekend like this, it doesn't always feel like it,"

And the focus is not just on reducing violent crime. 

"In the last week or so we've seized dozens of ATV and minibikes, made arrests and issued tickets," LeValley said.

As police continue their efforts to bring crime numbers down, they hope the 2020 Memorial Day Weekend will have a more positive outlook.