8-year-old traveling US hugging police officers stops in Detroit

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A little girl is making a big difference in police departments across the country.

She's on a mission to spread love and appreciation to our men and women in blue - and Monday the 8-year-old was here in Detroit.

Rosalind Baldwin was in town from Louisiana to give hugs to the Detroit Police Department as part of her mission. She wants to hug a law enforcement officer from every state in the country.

She made that her goal after three Baton Rouge police officers were murdered in an ambush two years ago. She reached out with a hug to help the department heal. Now, her mission has grown.

"She's a little angel," said Detroit Police Chief James Craig.

"Detroit's been through a lot the past couple years, with fallen officers and things of that nature," said Corporal Renee Stanley. "To have somebody like that who comes from another state, and says that God sent her here to give us hugs - that's just a great thing."

Rosalind is a typical 8-year-old and has a lot of respect for police officers. But that is not what she wants to do.

"I want to be a veterinarian," she said. 

Michigan is the 28th state she has visited so far - and she is making a difference wherever she goes.